A Journey into Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

neuro.RAPT presents an exclusive four part bi-weekly docu-byte series on Severe Traumatic Brain Injury for both our veteran and civilian population.

led by Dr. Theresa Pape, a clinical neuroscientist at the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital and Research Associate Professor at Northwestern University.

This educational and thought provoking segment covers:
1) What is Severe Traumatic Brain Injury? (“Severe TBI”)
2) What are the common causes of Severe TBI?
3) How many of our veterans have Severe TBI?
4) Are there secondary damages to these incidences?
5) How do you know if you have secondary brain damage?
6) Why is Severe TBI considered a hetergeneous condition?
7) Where do people with Severe TBI go for care?
8) How does the health insurance arena affect those with Severe TBI?
9) Is the U.S. medical care and caregiver system set up for Severe TBI?
10) What can we do as a society to help those who have Severe TBI?

On December 16th – Episode 2: Common Brain Lesions Associated with Severe TBI